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TRIColor welcomes competitors' quotes. We will always try to give our customers the best deals by matching or beating competitors' prices on comparable items and services. For all Quotes and Special Pricing, please contact us directly at:


Tel. 305 . 725 . 5871
Fax. 305 . 229 . 0835

TRIColor Productions, Inc.
P.O. Box 443181
Miami, FL. 33144-3181


Any Major Credit Card: You may pay by using PayPal with any major credit card. You may send us payment directly or we may send you a money request. PayPal payments are relatively fast and efficient and work may begging immediately after transaction. Please contact us before making any transaction.

Personal or Company Checks: If you choose to pay by check, please be advised that work will begging immediately after check clears.

Cash: Cash customers are always welcomed and will receive an additional 3% saving on their order. Work will beging immediately when paying in cash. Cash customers are usually local and need to make arrangements with us prior to making a payment.

Thank you for making TRIColor Productions your preferred Design and Marketing Firm.
"Our goal is to help you achieve yours"

Web Desing and Development
Corporate ID and Branding
Design Services
Drirect Mail Services
Promotional and Trade Show Items
Hosted Telephone Services
Event Planing
Visual Arts Education
Video and Audio Productions
Advertising and Marketing
Prinitng an finishing Services
Signs and Outdoor Media
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